Things to do with an iPad for around $100

I’ve had a hankering to get myself an iPad for a while now, but I just can’t justify the cost.  Things are starting to change though.  No longer is an iPad just a web browser palette.   You can run your business from it – everything from spreadsheets to using your iPad a a credit card machine.  All you need is a magnetic strip reader connected to the USB Camera Connection Kit and the free Swipe It app to use.

You can also use your iPad as an extremely portable recording studio.  For $5 you can get the GarageBand app.  You can record up to 8 tracks per project, play the drums “on screen” with your fingers, use “smart instruments” and play guitar “on screen”.  It’s quite robust for an app.  Then for another $99 you can get Apogee JAM Guitar Interface and actually play your guitar right into your GarageBand app on your iPad!  Sweet!

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