Roofing material

I’ve always been fond of metal roofing and was interested in what people call “tin roofs” here in New England.  I always thought when people said “tin” they meant “metal” as in, standard steel roofing.  It turns out that there actually is a “real” tin roof, 20% tin/80% lead.  Most “tin roofs” are actually steel though.  I like steel roofing because it is very reliable, holds up well to the harsh winters of Maine and also sheds snow quite well unlike other roofing materials.  What I didn’t know was that you can get steel roofing in types other than “standing seam”.  Evidently you can get it in shingles.  What’s more, you can get aluminum roofing that holds up even better, is a tiny bit more expensive than steel but is much more environmentally friendly because most of it is made from recycled content.  Also, like steel, aluminum roofing is recyclable itself.  So 50+ years down the road when you might need to replace your roof again – boom – into the recycling the old one goes!  MUCH better than filling a landfill full of asphalt shingles.

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