Dear Harley Davidson

As a proud American I am always striving to purchase products made here in the US by our own people.  Harley Davidson is THE company when it comes to motorcycles.  However, as it stands right now there isn’t a bike in your lineup that appeals to my current needs.  The closest thing would have been the, now defunct, Buell Blast.  I’m starting to look at the Royal Enfield line of motorcycles at this point.  I want something in a single or twin cylinder, light weight, relatively inexpensive and gets 75+ mpg.  It can’t be a real wimpy bike either, it needs to be able to sustain 70mph if necessary without being pegged on the throttle.

I would love to see (and would consider for purchase) a 500cc fuel injected single cylinder bike styled after the old 1940’s Harley XA bikes.  These would compete very well with the Royal Enfield Bullet C5 and best of all they would carry the Harley nameplate and be built here in the States.  I would gladly pay $7,000 for a bike like this as I’m sure many others would as well.

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