Might have to turn to Chevrolet

As much as I’m a Ford guy, Chevy is the last to offer a small truck with a 5spd transmission.  The Colorado can be had with a 2.9 I4, 4×4 Extended Cab and 5spd stick with a 24mpg highway rating.  That’s even better than my 3.0 V6 Ranger gets (22mpg)!  The current 4×4 Ranger only comes in a 4.0 V6 (20mpg) and automatic trim and all of the F150s are automatics now.  Dodge is in the same boat as Ford.  If I look back to a 2007 or older Ranger I can still get the type of truck I want, but by the time I’m done with my current one (I’m expecting another 8 years) that would be a 12 year old truck.  So, I’ll probably be seen in a Colorado at that point.

2011 Chevrolet Colorado WT 4x4

2011 Chevrolet Colorado WT 4x4

The Colorado has similar specs to my current Ranger in it’s other attributes.  Payload is 1,422lbs whereas my Ranger is 1,640lbs.  Towing is the same 5,500lbs max.  Gas mileage is better at 24mpg highway compared to 22mpg highway.  With the engine rated at 185hp @ 5,600rpm / 190tq at 2,600rpm it does better than my Ranger at 150hp @ 4,750rpm / 190tq @ 3,650rpm.  So the same peak torque but it comes in 1,000 rpm lower – a HUGE deal.  The horsepower is 35 better but comes in 1000rpm more.  I’d say 0-60 should be about the same but driving with a load will be better with the Colorado.

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