Selling effects pedals

One more hair-brained scheme for making money at home.

I’ve been building guitar effects pedals for 5 years now and I’m considering building a few to sell to local music shops and see how that goes.  Any pedals I would be selling are of my own design including all circuitry, no “clones” here.  I have one all ready to go and two more than need bread boarding and testing.  Once I get all three ready and at “production” quality, I will build one of each and take them around to a couple different local stores and see if anyone wants to carry a few of them.  All of my pedals are true bypass, use Carling switches and Switchcraft jacks.  They are hand wired and built like tanks.

Think I’m crazy to figure I could make a few bucks on the side doing this or is Raymond Effects a bad idea?

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