Guitar and truck battery

I’ve been practicing guitar a minimum of half an hour a week for the last couple weeks.  I decided to learn some easy songs that would be fun to play.  First I learned Kumbaya.  I’ve always wanted to know how to play it and you constantly hear people that “can’t play guitar” but somehow they strum out Kumbaya.  It was easy and it’s fun to play and sing.

Next I learned Sheryl Crow’s song – “Soak up the sun.”  This is also a pretty basic song and is easy to play and sing at the same time.  I had learned that one when I was in highschool but I played it all with power chords – this time I learned it with “regular” chords.

My truck battery turned out to be fine.  At least it has been starting the last few mornings in temperatures hovering around 0F anyway.

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