I like my amp and guitar too much

I got so excited last night that I had an hour or so to jam on my new amp that I did just that.  Now I have a couple blisters.  Guess I got a little too excited.  That said, it was a blast.  My Harmony sounds very sweet through the Vox and it’s really the tone I’ve been looking for.  So far for clean I really like the “Boutique Clean” setting and for overdrive the “US High Gain”.  Effects wise most of them are relatively cheesy sounding to me, but most effects are.  Flanger for instance.  Another is the Phaser setting.  I like a good phaser sound, but really so far the MXR Phase 45 is the only one that does it for me.  The Vox’s phaser sounds more like a Phase 90 or 100.  The Reverb is excellent and the Auto-Wah is actually more useful than anticipated.  I also like the noise reduction feature of the amp, now I don’t have to worry about doing a bunch of shielding on the Harmony and making it “less original”.

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