Yurts – A new old way of living?

Yurts are a form of structure that was frequently used by Nomadic cultures, mostly in the Eastern portion of the globe.  They have been adapted for all climates from Pacific rain to Northeastern snow and everything in between.  A traditional yurt uses a cloth or skin for the covering on the walls.  I prefer the “yurt shaped” buildings built with SIPS (structural insulated panels) myself though, as they are much more permanent.

Single Story Yurt - yurtworks.com

Even though these structures haven’t been in wide use for many years, they are coming back in popularity due to their inexpensive cost to construct as well as their low impact on the Earth due to being quite energy efficient.  Plus, how cool would it be to live in a round house?

Yurtworks.com has versions that go from 158 square feet to more than 2,000 square feet.  You can also get custom two and three story yurts or you can add on to them.  Also, if you are a purist or want a transportable yurt, you can go with a more traditional yurt from Pacific Yurt.

Yurt from Pacifc Yurts

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