Yahoo, I love you

I’ve been fighting with google for the past 2 years or so.  First they keep changing their search algorithms so that I no longer find the technical documents I search for as easily but instead find hundreds of useless posts on forums.  Then they start adding extra graphics (changing their google banner etc), slowing down my load time but also distracting me (they are interesting afterall), now they add the “instant search” garbage.  Yes, I know its been on there for months (I’ve been trying to be ok with it the whole time), and yes, I know you can shut it off if you log in and change your preferences.  HOWEVER, I shouldn’t have to fight with that just to make my searching experiences better.

My wife uses yahoo.  I’ve never liked them myself, and dislike the front page being full of news etc.  Well, today I found yahoo’s stripped down interface:

Rejoice, the new search engine king is here!

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