Finally made a “good” weld

In January I bought my first welder – a 50 amp 110v arc (stick) welder.  I played with it a bit then, and couldn’t really get a good weld going.  I didn’t have much time for it then, so it got parked in my basement.  Yesterday I finally got a chance to use it again and to do more than just play with it.  I had a bulkhead door with a broken hinge that has been pestering me to weld it for over a year.  So I pulled out the welder, prepped the area (grinding etc), clamped the hinge pieces where I wanted them and welded away.  It took three tries to get it just right, but it is all fixed now.  The weld is kinda ugly, but very strong.  I’m hoping with time and more experience I will be able to make good looking welds as well.

And here is a picture of the little fella (it has a new ground clamp and electrode holder now though):

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