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Hot Rod Tele – my way

I’ve been into Tele’s for a few years now and have always loved the wood grain look of the ash bodies with butterscotch finish.  I also am a huge fan of humbuckers, tele bridges (single coil slant bridge “plate”), brass … Continue reading

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1+ years in the making, Shadow tank all done

My brother had a 1989 Honda Shadow tank with severe rust problems.  I cut the bottom corners off, silver soldered in patches, completed the body work repair with JB weld (water weld underneath, then standard), then primed, paint and clear … Continue reading

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Been a while, been busy

Whoa, over a month since my last post!  Whoops. Since my last post I have started a new position as a Computer/Network Support Technician at MSAD54 (local school district).  I’m loving my new job, it’s been crazy busy but good.  … Continue reading

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New guitar strap and new guitar stand

I’ve been on the look-out for a new strap for my tele.  Well, I’ve found one.  It’s made here in the USA and it’s made from old car seatbelts.  Thank you Couch for making such a killer strap.  It was … Continue reading

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I made a wooden guitar stand!

After not finding what I wanted in my local area (a guitar stand made of sustainable materials, made in the USA), I decided to build one myself.  I used 1″x 3″ pine boards and maple dowels along with some elmers … Continue reading

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Got a new guitar!

So I picked up a sweet deal of a tele.  It is a late 2000’s model Squire Affinity Series Telecaster.  It’s been stripped and poly’d so it has a natural finish.  I already have plans for this guitar including new … Continue reading

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Digispark bike speedometer

Lately I’ve been thinking about doing an Arduino or similar based project.  I heard about the Digispark (which is basically a mini Arduino) from and was intreagued.  I’m thinking of using a Digispark to drive a I2C 4×7 segment … Continue reading

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Metal working

I’ve been using my little 50 amp stick welder for a few small projects and have found that I really like how 1/16″ 7014 rod runs as compared to 1/16″ 6013.  Now, for either rod it really makes sense to … Continue reading

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Chainsaws, cc to bar (inches) ratio

Home use:  2.5:1 Firewood: 3:1 Professional Cutting: 3-3.5:1 depending on wood Never should you have a saw with more bar than engine.  Why?  It’s frustrating, it means more sharpening with no wood-cutting gain (long bar, but can’t bury it in … Continue reading

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Linux Wars!

I’ve been going through my archives and finding some interesting projects from my past.  While in college I developed an Atari 2600 ROM that was hacked from the Space Invaders game.  It replaces the sprites with Linux and Microsoft derivatives.  … Continue reading

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