Cron jobbed!

Yup, I got hacked.  I suppose it was bound to happen at some point – can’t be perfect you know!  But, I tracked it down eventually.  Someone managed to get some cron jobs onto my web hosting account and were adding malicious files into certain directories every hour on the hour.  They’re gone now, but man, that was a pain to figure out!  Thanks Yahoo! Search for finding this post that tipped me off to check.

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Bear and Son – One Arm Bandit

I’ve always wanted a barlow style knife, but haven’t found a single blade, Made in USA barlow that I’m happy with.  That is, until I came across the Bear and Son “One Arm Bandit.”  It is their model number 2181RAZR for the rosewood handle one (actually laminated ash dyed the color of rosewood, from Vermont).  The whole unit is 100% made in the USA and of very sturdy construction.  The design is based upon barlow knifes that amputee soldiers would modify with a hook so they could open it using one arm and lever it on their shoe or other objects around them.  It works great!

This particular model also has a detent at 90 degrees so you can one hand close it without it cutting your fingers.  I purchased mine from and got a really good deal on it, plus they accept PayPal which is always a plus for me.

Bear and Son Rosewood Handled

Bear and Son Rosewood Handled “One Arm Bandit”

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I love my job

I really love what I do.  I’m a Computer and Network Support Technician for MSAD 54.  I get to work on laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, switches, servers, you name it and I’ve touched it.  The best part is that as I fix or upgrade things, it is helping teachers or students directly.  This helps them in their quest for knowledge, furthering education of our general populace on the whole.  I feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives when I do my work now.  I have purpose in my profession.  I love it.

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Hot Rod Tele – my way

I’ve been into Tele’s for a few years now and have always loved the wood grain look of the ash bodies with butterscotch finish.  I also am a huge fan of humbuckers, tele bridges (single coil slant bridge “plate”), brass saddles, and 6 individual saddles.  To date, I do not believe such a Tele exists (the $2,299 Fender Vintage Hot Rod ’50s Telecaster comes closest).  So I planned one out and then photochopped (Krita actually) some images together until I was happy.

Here is the plan:

Start with Fender FSR Ash Telecaster / Butterscotch finish

Modify with:
– Fender 6 saddle bridge, swap in G&L ASAT brass saddles
– Seymour Duncan Lil ’59 Tele pickup in bridge
– Fender humbucker in neck (like 50’s style hotrod tele)
– New black Pickguard to accommodate above pickup
– Flip control plate back to “normal” (comes upside down on FSR)

This would run about $750 finished, without selling the stripped parts (bridge, pickups, pickguard).  After selling the extras you should be under $700 for a killer MIM Tele – built my way.


Fender FSR Tele turned “hot rod” Joseph Raymond style including Lil ’59 pickup in bridge 6 saddle bridge with ASAT brass saddles and a Fender humbucker in the neck.

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Getting ready for winter

Here at The Raymond Homestead we have started to get ready for winter.  New windows, new door seals, and lots of firewood.  It’s going to be a cold one, I can tell.  Although, that’s generally a good assumption to make here in Maine!

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1+ years in the making, Shadow tank all done

My brother had a 1989 Honda Shadow tank with severe rust problems.  I cut the bottom corners off, silver soldered in patches, completed the body work repair with JB weld (water weld underneath, then standard), then primed, paint and clear coat.  I also did a tank liner.  I’ve put in about 30 hours stretched over the course of a little over a year.  It came out well, and I’m so glad it’s done!

Finished 1989 Honda Shadow tank, finishing it's paint cure in my basement over the winter.

Finished 1989 Honda Shadow tank, finishing it’s paint cure in my basement over the winter.

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My brother has gotten married to a wonderful woman, Kate.  We welcome her with open arms to our family!  (Note: This is a belated welcome, they got married on the 30th of last month).

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Siravo – “Stigma”

Siravo has just released their new video, “Stigma.”  My brother is the bassist, rock on!

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Favorite guitarists

Short list of favorite guitarists (in no particular order):

Eric Clapton
B.B. King
Synyster Gates
Brad Paisley
Tom Scholtz
Jeremy Popoff

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Been a while, been busy

Whoa, over a month since my last post!  Whoops.

Since my last post I have started a new position as a Computer/Network Support Technician at MSAD54 (local school district).  I’m loving my new job, it’s been crazy busy but good.  And things here on the homestead have also been crazy busy.

Amidst the busyness, I’ve managed to cobble together my first friction folder.  I modified a stainless blade from a broken pocket knife ($5 Marden’s special 6 years ago) and worked it into a functioning tiny friction folder with a huge tang.  All parts were “junk” that were laying around from various broken things.  The wood for the chassis was an end of a window slat that I shaped by hand.  This knife was brought on by my current fascination with the Svord Peasant knives.


It measures 4.6″ closed due to the giant tang sticking out the rear.


The screw in the middle is the “stop” screw that keeps the blade from pivoting too far through the chassis.


With only a 1.5″ blade, this knife is small. It measures just 4.4″ open. Of note, it is longer closed than open due to it’s long tang. This same tang is what keeps the knife from closing on you while in use. The stronger your grip, the less likely the blade can close on you.

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