More tele upgrades

I’ve gotten a few more things done to the telecaster.  First, chrome knobs.  I never did care for the black ones that had been on it.  These ones came from a Squire P-Bass my brother picked up for a project, he was changing his knobs anyway so they would have just sat on a shelf, perfect!  Second, I’ve weighted the tail of the guitar (channel between tone control and output jack) with a few ounces of BB’s), fixed my neck dive issue.  Lastly, I have just installed a set of Guitar Fetish stainless steel saddles (made in Korea).  They are wicked!


These are the Graph Tec saddles that came on the guitar, along with the brass adjustment screws I put in shortly after purchase.  Notice how they are splayed and the lower E string isn’t lined up with the pickup pole?  Yeah, that’s nice.  These are made for a standard width, not the narrow “Asian” width of the cheaper telecasters like mine.


These are the new Guitar Fetish stainless steel saddles. This is the “modern” style that belongs on this guitar versus the “barrel” style someone swapped on before I bought the instrument.  Same old bridge, now my 10.5mm spacing is proper, see the lower E string lining up like it should?  Nice.  The strings actually fit at the lower end of the fret board without slipping off the edge too!


Beauty shot showing all the recent upgrades.

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What? It’s March!

-15F this morning…not kidding.

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Wicked cold out!

Yup, it’s been a wicked cold one this year.  Tuesday, February 24, 2015 we had a low of -24.2F here in Norridgewock, ME.  Yeah, that’s wicked cold.

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Rock ‘n Roll

Vaughn and I have a standing father/son time every weekend in the morning playing guitar.  Recently he has started to play with me, clicking the button on an old stomp box I made back in college.  This morning I decided to try my hand at some Siravo.  So I tuned down to drop C, cranked the overdrive to 11 on my little K-20X, flipped down to my bridge pickup on the tele, and did my best to keep up.  Vaughn was impressed, quickly telling me that it “sounds like rock ‘n roll, daddy!”  That made me smile.

I did quickly learn that I need to practice my rock rhythm guitar chops badly and that it is also very unlikely I will fill in for rhythm duty in the Siravo lineup any time soon.  But, little mister and I had a blast doing it, and we filled the house with obnoxious guitar noise like I was in high school again.  Good times.

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Fralin Tele Splits

Someday I’m going to upgrade my tele, and when I do, it will have these cool Fralin’s on it:

Mockup: Affinity Telecaster with Fralin Tele Split-Blade Pickups

Mockup: Affinity Telecaster with Fralin Tele Split-Blade Pickups

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Desk mods

My desk is also my workstation and I need to keep little fingers from my dangerous leaded electronic parts etc, so I gated it off.  Using a bit of ingenuity, an old refrigerator shelf, a junk piece of wood, and a small section of brass rod I came up with this locking door:

Desk - door closed

Desk – door closed

Desk - door open

Desk – door open

To open the door requires you to pull the brass rod out (which is flush with the side of the desk on purpose so little fingers can’t do it easily) by first moving it slightly out with your finger via the slot, then lift the door up a half inch, then proceed to open.  Closing is a simple reversal of the process.

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I love our son

Our little man, now three years old, is such a good boy.  He does take a lot out of you though.  For instance, tonight I had to read to him for an hour before he would go to sleep.  Even though my voice gets a bit hoarse, it is worth it. 

Oh, yesterday he told me, “Daddy has big muscles, Daddy strong!”  That made my day :-)

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New Norridgewock Chamber site launched!

I’ve finished the new site for the Norridgewock Area Chamber of Commerce. I’m pretty happy with it!  I even added clickable phone numbers for those of us using smartphones on the web.

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Joe’s Prayer

Lord, put us together with broken pieces,
So that we will know you.

Lord, build us with a God-shaped keystone,
So that we require You in us.

Lord, make us cry both when we are happy and when we are sad.
Tremble with fear,
Burst with joy,
Crumble with despair,
Stand tall with pride,
So that we know we are human.

Lord, make us imperfect, as I long to be.

– Joseph Raymond 2014

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Christmas music from the Brothers Raymond

2005: “Angels (Isaacs) We Have Heard On High” – Isaac Raymond

2006: “A Maine Christmas Song” – The Raymond Brothers

2006: “A Maine Christmas Song – Banter Track” – The Raymond Brothers

2007: “Little Drummer Boy” – The Raymond Brothers

2008: “Silent Night” – Joseph Raymond

2010: “Joy To The World” – The Raymond Brothers

2011: “What’s This? (Baby Version)” – Joseph Raymond

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