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Repair Manifesto has posted their “Repair Manifesto” and it just so happens to be everything that I believe in. Why waste by throwing things out when it could just be fixed?  I repair everything I can from electronics, cars, plumbing, lawn … Continue reading

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Review: Lit soothing on new country single ‘Fast’ (Includes first-hand account)

Digital Journal review link I am so excited, I had to share. Lit, my favorite band from the time I was about 15, is back. And they’re country. Their new song “Fast” actually just made it to #1 on CMT’s … Continue reading

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I’m famous!

I helped design a watch with MWC, and they are now on their website for sale in black and olive! To be fair, I only redesigned an existing watch dial.  The rest is all MWC.  It all started with me … Continue reading

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Why I chose MWC

Anyone that knows me knows that I am very particular on which products I choose to purchase. Things like quality, environmental impact, manufacturing location, and customer service all come into play along with smaller nuances.  So when I was searching … Continue reading

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Quadra 650 – “Quad Serve”

Stock Now (2004) Processor 68040 @ 33 Mhz Overclocked 68040 @ 42 Mhz Hard Drive 250 mb 2.1 gb RAM 12 mb RAM 104 mb RAM CD-Rom 2x CD 4x CD Operation System Mac OS 7.6.1 Mac OS 8.1 The … Continue reading

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My shaving experience

I’ve been shaving now for 15 years of my life.  For most of the first 14 years of shaving, I used a Gillete Sensor Excel twin blade “disposable head” razor.  My dad use to shave with the disposable BIC razors, … Continue reading

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What do you EDC?

EDC is the acronym for “everyday carry.”  Most times this is referencing things in your pocket that you might carry.  Many people include things you wear as well.  For me, this means my EDC stuff includes: keys, pocket knife, wrist … Continue reading

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My version of the Shinola Runwell

I love the aesthetics of the Shinola Runwell Men’s Green Face.  However, it is quite pricey at $550 for a watch.  Sizing is reasonable on the small version (36mm) and ridiculous on the largest (47mm).  They are all the same … Continue reading

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A new time piece

12 years ago, Christmas day 2003, my wife (then my girlfriend), game to me a Timex Carriage watch.  For the last 12 years I have worn said watch and it shows it’s wear.  After the band started to fail, and … Continue reading

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The perfect, comfy, watch band?

After my metal watch band broke on my 12 year old Timex Carriage, I needed a replacement.  I decided against metal due to the coldness in the winter.  And against nylon due to it’s plastic nature and the fact that … Continue reading

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